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As a hollow Aioro was a smaller, slightly weaker adjuchas. His appearence was reminiscent of a slender thresher shark, with a sleek blue-violet body, small armor adornments, with blades fins. He spent his time roaming around, fighting to stay alive and devouring other hollows to maintain his adjuha form. He defeated most of his enemies with speed and trickery. He used hit and run tactics to wear enemies down so he could eat them. Aioro went mainly unnoticed by shinigami and deadlier hollows, until he became a Vasto lorde, gaining a new form and a power boost. Unlike most he didn't seek out fights, so he tried to hide, and constantly move around like he had before; however hiding his presence proved too difficult from him, and he began getting attacked regularly.  After some time he was scouted by Aizen, Aioro refused, but he was captured and forced to undergo the transformation process. Aioro barely survived the change, and was classified as too weak to use; and ordered to be used as food to strengthen other hollows and arrancars. Aioro was saved by Harribel, and kept under watch until his condition stabilized.

Aioro was still a weak arrancar, so he spent his days training under Halibel and her fraccion, becoming close to all of them. Aioro despised Aizen for what he had done to him, as well as endangering his friends and using and discarding arrancars and hollows like garbage. Before Aizen’s plans to create the oken were initiated, and the invasion of Hueco Mundo,  Aoiro was ordered by Harribel to go to Soul Society to seek out a certain individual, and hide away in case complications arose. He reluctantly did so, and  Aioro finds out Aizen's plans failed, which brings him faint joy but it is short lived when he learns that Aizen betrayed the Espada, and struck down Halibel. Aioro's rage and spite are stronger than ever but with the words of his friend, he is calmed down and convinced  to formulate a plan before exacting revenge on Aizen.

Aoiro with help, began training in the pursuit of power to exact his revenge, and searching for others who shared his cause. Through countless hours of work eventually gained strength on par with the original espada. One of the founding members of The Caballeros de la Venganza, a group of Arrancars that sought out to repay Sosuke Aizen for his betrayal of the Espada. The group carried out a assault on the Seireitei, using a multiple pronged strategy, guerrilla tactics to avoid a direct confrontation; while Aoiro and his shinigami ally within the Seireitei made their way to Central 46, while the attack was occurring. Aoiro was able to reach Aizen, and after being sealed inside a temporal pocket held within a indestructible Multi-layered kido barrier, he engaged in killing his captive target, which he would continue to do so until his release nearly 3000 years later by his time. The other members of the Caballeros de la Venganza retreated with Aoiro’s partner, leaving the Gotei to perplexingly lick their bruises.

Name: Aoiro Hasaiki  ( 青色 破砕機 )

Race: Arrancar

Nationality: Appears to be of Spanish origin

Age: Appears in his early to mid 20’s

Height:  6’ 9 ft (205.7 cm)

Weight: 225 lbs ( 102.05 Kg)

Eyes: Grey

Voice : Liam O’brien

Hair: Blue-periwinkle Aoiro’s hair changes from a gradual light blue to a shade of periwinkle, respectively from his roots to the tips of his hair.

Build: Tall, and muscular, with broad shoulders and long arms.

Arrancar Mask : Aoiro’s hollow mask is a fused with his face, and replaces his bottom jaw, with a sharp toothed skeletal version.

Distinguishing marks:
- Skeletal hollow mask lower jaw
- Partial gills on both sides of his neck, and torso
- Hollow hole in the center of his neck

Special Skills:
- Skilled Strategist
- Shinigami Kidou Practitioner
- Highly Sensitive Reiryoku Detection

Occupation: Member of Espada de la venganza  (my continuity)/ Subordinate under Espada 3 Yagan  

Former occupation: N/A

It should be noted Aoiro possess high-speed regeneration, in all his forms.

Zanpakuto: Cortador De la Marea (Tide Cutter) 潮カッター (Tide Cutter)

Release : "Shred all existence, Cortador del mar..."

Resurreccion:  Aioro stabs himself with his own sword, and is consumed in a mass of blades. When the frenzy subsides, Aioro regains the mask from his hollow form, and his lower body from the waist down becomes a merman-like shark's tail of blades reminiscent of his hollow form.  

Zanpakuto description: A massive Yanagi knife, around 5 ft (152 cm) with no hilt and bottom of the blade and pommel extend to meet, creating an enclosed handle. Aoiro’s Zanpakuto is damaged and missing a large portion of the blade, causing the blade to be jagged and poor looking.

Like most resurrections Aoiro gains a power up and a new appearance, he also becomes faster, stronger and his defense is bolstered. In addition his main change is that he can generate blades of any size, shape or form from his body, to be used in any number of offensive or defensive situations. These blades are made from his spiritual energy so as long as he has spiritual energy to use, he can create blades endlessly.  

Disparo De Advertencia (Warning Shot) - A cero technique, that fires a weak cero with a wide blast range to distract the target, before firing a number of smaller but more concentrated and powerful cero at their vitals.

Cero Esfera (Zero Sphere) - A cero technique that concentrates a cero into a spherical handheld form, to be used in a grenade like fashion.

Intacto (Unbroken) - Aoiro fills the broken part of his blade with spiritual energy to create a full sword, drastically increasing the power of his strikes.

Cascada De Palas (Cascade of Blades) - A massive wave of blades is produced and brought down on an enemy.

Musha (Chomp) - Aoiro grasps onto a target firmly, then two rows of curved blades protrude from his forearm and “chomp” down on the grabbed opponent like a jaw.

Gota Del La Espada (Drop of a Sword) - Aoiro quickly fires a large blade directly at his opponent.

Ola De Plata (Silver Wave) - Aoiro produces a series of curved blades from his forearms as he attacks.

Guja (Glaive) - A single edged blade is extended from Aoiro’s hand as he attacks.

Cola (Tail) - An attack where Aoiro performs a feint, pretending to attack with his arms, but performs a front flip, bringing his bladed tail down on his enemy.

Masacre Prisas (Slaughter Rush) - Aoiro sprouts numerous blades from his body, and rushes at his enemy, rotating the blades all over his body and as well as spinning himself as he flys towards his opponent.

Ruptura (Break-up) - Aoiro drops or tosses a sphere of blades, appearing like a sea urchin, which breaks apart, sending blades in all directions.  An unpredictable attack. but is slow and is somewhat unreliable; in that it can easily miss the opponent, or just as likely hit the person who used the attack.
Disparo Plata (Silver Shot) - a small blade is shot out at an enemy, this can be used to fire at multiple enemies or several blades at a single enemy.

Tiro Guillotina (Guillotine Kick) - a blade is produced along the length of Aoiro’s leg as he is kicking.

(Usability depends on continuity) Segunda Etapa: Leviatán (Leviathan) レビヤタン (Leviathan)
A towering sea monster made up completely of blades, it retains all his previous abilities (except the ability to have opposable thumbs, or hands for that matter haha) Aoiro gains the ability to produce creatures made of blades to attack enemies, usually serpentine or aquatic in appearance.

Reiatsu: Metallic Silver, Gold outline

Unarmed: 80/100
Melee: 45/100
Reiatsu/Reiyoku Manipulation: 51/100
Physical Strength: 82/100
Speed: 72/100
Agility: 75/100
Endurance: 71/100
Intelligence: 65/100
Zanpakuto: 68/100
Spiritual Pressure: 60/100
Total: 678

Brief Personality :  
Aoiro is a very difficult person to deal with, treating anyone kindly rarely, if ever. He had always been introverted, and quiet; simply wanting to go about his business unbothered. After becoming an arrancar, which he underwent against his own will, and barely survived, Aoiro became considerably more withdrawn, high-strung, adopting the mannerisms akin to that of a wounded animal. He changed for the better, after being taken under Halibel Tia’s command, slightly opening up and after some time warming up to his new comrades. As time went on he grew to care deeply about Halibel and her three fraccions, and vice versa. Aoiro is not confident in his abilities, having always been comparatively weaker and less competent than most in practically all of his forms; although when in the company of his comrades it only manifested as unsureness and a need to constantly make himself useful. In any other context it caused Aoiro to be cautious and uneasy, as well as abrasive and brutal.

In combat Aoiro is extremely brutal and not above fighting dirty, this stems from the idea that he needs to take advantage of every opportunity to ensure survival, due to his lacking abilities. He is a conservative attacker, and rarely takes unnecessary risks, he relays on his speed and strategic mind to wear his opponents down, or score effective attacks. Aoiro’s primary goal in any combat situation is to survive, which he will do using any means; the only situation Aoiro would willing sacrifice himself, would be if he was defending Halibel or any of her Fraccions.

Aoiro doesn’t have many friends, and even fewer after Aizen’s betrayal of the arrancars and the fall of Hueco Mundo. After said event should anyone manage to befriend him, he still isn’t a very warm person, treating his friends with only slightly less hostility. However, this isn’t to say he doesn’t care, just if any friends are in need of evidence of his attachment, they would need to look for the subtle hints in the way he interacts with them. Aoiro expresses care through the tiniest gestures, and how inclined he is to stay by someone’s side in a tough situation.      

Aoiro despite his anti-social personality, and bad attitude, he is nothing if not a obedient subordinate. He is reserved and formal to those above him, as long as he has not reason to actively dislike them; and he can put most petty differences aside for the sake of his duties or a bigger goal. Aoiro will attempt to complete any task given to him to the best of his abilities, but will begrudgingly accept help if he feels he needs it. He is not often happy to receive aid on a task, because it makes him feel like he can’t be relied on. Although he is well aware that different people have different skills, and he will undoubtedly need help from others, he has a hard time admitting when he can’t do or figure something out. Obedient as he is, if Aoiro finds a more advantageous situation he will most likely not hesitate to betray his superiors, comrades. The ease at which he can backstab and betray, stems from his outright refusal to form friendly relationships with those he works under and fights alongside.
Aoiro Short Bio
A new bio for my OC Aoiro Hasaiki

here's a link to his appearence for those curious…
Please tell me what ya think, and notify me about any mistakes I may have made.
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