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NPR shield by hollowtiger NPR shield :iconhollowtiger:hollowtiger 3 0 Type Moon - Servant Class Emblems by hollowtiger Type Moon - Servant Class Emblems :iconhollowtiger:hollowtiger 4 0 Ilyas Bust by hollowtiger Ilyas Bust :iconhollowtiger:hollowtiger 2 0 Anko End chibi by hollowtiger Anko End chibi :iconhollowtiger:hollowtiger 1 2 RvB Grif Emblem by hollowtiger RvB Grif Emblem :iconhollowtiger:hollowtiger 1 3
Aoiro Short Bio
As a hollow Aioro was a smaller, slightly weaker adjuchas. His appearence was reminiscent of a slender thresher shark, with a sleek blue-violet body, small armor adornments, with blades fins. He spent his time roaming around, fighting to stay alive and devouring other hollows to maintain his adjuha form. He defeated most of his enemies with speed and trickery. He used hit and run tactics to wear enemies down so he could eat them. Aioro went mainly unnoticed by shinigami and deadlier hollows, until he became a Vasto lorde, gaining a new form and a power boost. Unlike most he didn't seek out fights, so he tried to hide, and constantly move around like he had before; however hiding his presence proved too difficult from him, and he began getting attacked regularly.  After some time he was scouted by Aizen, Aioro refused, but he was captured and forced to undergo the transformation process. Aioro barely survived the change, and was classified as too weak to use; and ordered to be used
:iconhollowtiger:hollowtiger 2 2
Kyohei Short Bio
Kyohei was a young student making a his way through school, trying to graduate as quickly as possible. He was regarded as a genius, although in reality was just spending every second studying and working, and building on what he already knew to easier understand more complicated concepts; he was obsessed with gaining knowledge and being successful. Kyohei lived with his older sister seven years his senior, under the care of his “grandfather,” after his parents’ deaths. Kyohei’s father was an occult researcher & photographer, who could sense the presence of spiritual beings, while his wife, Kyohei’s mother, a psychologist, could actually see spiritual beings. Being the children of two individuals of significant spiritual power, Kyohei and his sister were born with a degree of spiritual awareness. Like his father, Kyohei could sense the presence of spirits, as well as see faint images; his sister could see and interact with spiritual beings, however neither
:iconhollowtiger:hollowtiger 2 28
Ilyas Scar Map Ref by hollowtiger Ilyas Scar Map Ref :iconhollowtiger:hollowtiger 1 0 Aoiro Hasaiki Redesign by hollowtiger Aoiro Hasaiki Redesign :iconhollowtiger:hollowtiger 1 0 Midnitez-remix November contest entry by hollowtiger Midnitez-remix November contest entry :iconhollowtiger:hollowtiger 4 0 Midnitez-remix October contest submission by hollowtiger Midnitez-remix October contest submission :iconhollowtiger:hollowtiger 4 5 The runaways app -  Hollow by hollowtiger The runaways app - Hollow :iconhollowtiger:hollowtiger 2 3
Battle High Profile Kyohei Shinnumari
                             Battle High Profile    
Kyohei Shinnumari
Age: 14
Grade: First Year
Ethnicity: Japanese/English
Weapon: Jian straight Sword
Fighting Style(s): -Xingyiquan or  Xinyi Liuhe Quan : Hebei Branch Swallow form
The Xingyi Liuhe Quan Style employs aggressive, seemingly linear movements and explosive power. Practitioners of Xingyiquan uses coordinated movements to generate bursts of power intended to overwhelm the opponent, simultaneously attacking and defending. Despite its hard, angular appearance, cultivating "soft" internal strength or chi is essential to achieving power in Xingyiquan. The goal of the Xingyiquan exponent is to reach the opponent quickly and drive powerfully through them in a single burst — the analogy with spear fighting is useful here. This is achieved by coordinating one's body as a single unit and the intense focusing of one's chi. Efficiency and economy of movement are the qualities of a Xingyiquan stylist and its direct fighting philo
:iconhollowtiger:hollowtiger 1 0
The Three Height comparison by hollowtiger The Three Height comparison :iconhollowtiger:hollowtiger 1 0 Olanrogers fanart by hollowtiger Olanrogers fanart :iconhollowtiger:hollowtiger 2 0 A little sparring match by hollowtiger A little sparring match :iconhollowtiger:hollowtiger 1 0


RWBY in Pajamas by RustyArtist RWBY in Pajamas :iconrustyartist:RustyArtist 1,365 48 Jaune Arc by ADSouto Jaune Arc :iconadsouto:ADSouto 458 9 Yejide- King of Batalha by RinRinDaishi Yejide- King of Batalha :iconrinrindaishi:RinRinDaishi 245 6 Heretical Salem by kawacy Heretical Salem :iconkawacy:kawacy 8,752 143 RWBY- Pink Bolt by Dane-of-Celestia RWBY- Pink Bolt :icondane-of-celestia:Dane-of-Celestia 88 6 TOBLERNEO by ari-6 TOBLERNEO :iconari-6:ari-6 206 18 Hygienic by ari-6 Hygienic :iconari-6:ari-6 203 47 Bulma (Dragon Ball Super) by DigiFlohw Bulma (Dragon Ball Super) :icondigiflohw:DigiFlohw 188 11 Tild Sleeping by Maxa-art Tild Sleeping :iconmaxa-art:Maxa-art 335 73 Sexy Tifa - Final Fantasy by Mick-cortes Sexy Tifa - Final Fantasy :iconmick-cortes:Mick-cortes 110 6 Shenhua from Blacklagoon by bowalia Shenhua from Blacklagoon :iconbowalia:bowalia 33 5 Varia Suit maintenance. by P-H Varia Suit maintenance. :iconp-h:P-H 1,069 61 RWBYxJNPR by RustyArtist RWBYxJNPR :iconrustyartist:RustyArtist 478 17 Roob by JumpinJammies Roob :iconjumpinjammies:JumpinJammies 249 33 Gift-The last Iron Wolf by WinterSpectrum Gift-The last Iron Wolf :iconwinterspectrum:WinterSpectrum 121 13 Awa Awa no Mi by Honeysan Awa Awa no Mi :iconhoneysan:Honeysan 40 23

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